Why Volunteer for a Clinical Trial?

The health of millions has been improved because of advances in science and technology and the willingness of thousands of individuals like you to take part in clinical research. The role of volunteer subjects is crucial to improving the health of future generations. Without your help, the research studies at FMC Science cannot be accomplished. Here are just a few of the benefits:

New & Better Treatment

You may receive a new treatment that works better than the current treatment

Receive Expert Care

You will receive expert care at little or no cost to you while participating in the clinical trial.

Possible Compensation

You may receive compensation for your time and/or travel. This will differ for each study.

Advance Medicine Into The Future

You will help future generations by contributing to the advancement of medicine!

Convenient Location

Convenient appointments are available right here in Lampasas and Georgetown.


All participation is confidential. Steps taken to protect your privacy and safety will be discussed with you during the trial consent process.

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Why Are Clinical Trials Important?

FMC Science Clinical TrialsA clinical trial involves research using human volunteers that is intended to add to medical knowledge. Through the clinical trial process, researchers find out if investigational drugs:

  • are effective
  • are as good as or better than current treatments
  • have more benefits than risks
  • help you feel better

Through clinical trials, we can discover and develop:

  • new medications that work better than what is on the market now
  • drugs, vitamins, or supplements that can be used to prevent diseases
  • new drugs that improve symptoms of diseases
  • new tests to help diagnose diseases

Want to help advance medicine into the future?

Learn More About The Clinical Trial Process

It is important to understand that some risks are involved in clinical research, just as in routine medical care and activities of daily living.

Most clinical studies pose risks of minor discomfort, lasting only a short time. Some volunteer subjects, however, experience complications that require medical attention.

The specific risks associated with any research protocol are described in detail in the Informed Consent document, which you are asked to sign before taking part in research.

In addition, the major risks of participating in a study will be explained to you by a member of the research team, who will answer your questions about the study.

Before deciding to participate, you should carefully weigh these risks against possible benefits. Visit NIH.gov or ClinicalTrials.Gov for more information.